Week 1: Southend to Skegness

Chris picks his best... Southend-on-Sea, I decided, didn’t count. God’s waiting room. Jolly Roger cafe. It’s a bit grim here,” I said to the waitress as she brought my tea. It’s Clacton,” she sighed. I knew why that old lady had jumped in front of the van. Iron Curtain. Southcliff beach. 7,800. I asked her name. Its laughable watching the press trying to seduce and convince the cash strapped british public that a uk holiday is the new voguey rigeur. Believe me it'll cost em twice as much as going abroad and with no sun as compensation. Reviews of 45 great British hideaways. Where Was I? Variables required for DART. IsSky = false; // Boolean initialised to false. We assume the ad coming back from DART is NOT a sky sized ad. United Vacations Summer Sale! Continental Airlines USA Sale! Contact our advertising team for advertising and sponsorship in Times Online, The Times and The Sunday Times. Search globrix.com to buy or rent UK prope...
Originally from: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/best_of_britain/article4268141.ece

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